Starting my FYP

As I am in the second semester of 3rd year I am doing the module research methods which is teaching us about how to write and research a Final year project (FYP). This daunting as from the minute you start 1st year of college FYP is something that is talked about in a way that it is time-consuming and stressful, it is also worth so much of our final degree. I put in a lot of thought into what I should focus my FYP on as it has to be something I am interested in as I will be researching this topic for 9 months. After a lot of thought, I decided to focus my FYP, “How will the Times Up movement in the media, affect how women and men are portrayed in the media”. I choose this topic as it is a relevant and interesting topic in the news and media in the past year.

I feel as though the Times Up movement is such an issue in the media, that it would be interesting to research what affects it will have on people in the media. I want to research whether the big campaigns, the marches that took place and how celebrities wore black to award shows.I wonder will this movement have any actual impact on how harassment is handled in the media or will it be forgotten about like other news stories in the media that are forgotten about in a few months. I want to find out how the Times Up movement started did it begin when the Harvey Weinstein harassment or was it brewing before than.

It would be interesting to find out if more allegations will come out in the next few months as the movement has already impacted a lot of people such as James Franco and Kevin Spacey. It does look like the movement is beginning to change society in the media, I would like to know what more changes will come with time.


The Picture of Dorian Gray

As part of the module I am studying, Victorian Texts and Contexts I studied Oscar Wilde’s novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, this was Wilde’s only novel. Wilde said in this novel the  three main characters are a reflection of himself. Also with this text, I had to complete a presentation for my tutorial class. For our presentation we had to focus on one chapter that we thought had a big impact on the novel. We chose chapter 13, where Dorian murdered his best friend Basil. The three main characters in this story are Dorian, Basil and King Henry. King Henry from the beginning of the novel gets a immediate influence over Dorian’s soul, he is very charming but he is a very bad influence over his friends. Dorian is innocent handsome and gullible  at first. He gains desires to try more dangerous activities after Lord Henry tempts him, it is evident how much Dorian has changed in chapter 13 as he murders Basil.Basil is obsessed and protective of Dorian. Basil is also a kind soul and a good person. In chapter 13, when Basil is finally reunited with the portrait he painted of Dorian he is horrified by how much it has changed because of Dorian’s bad actions. When he realizes this he still pleads with Dorian to let him help him.

Wilde uses lot of different language techniques to portray a clear image of the novel.He uses descriptive language through out the novel which gives life to the story. He uses metaphors, in chapter 10 he compares the poisonous yellow book to an addictive drug, ” It was a poisonous book.The heavy odor incense seemed to cling about its pages and to trouble the brain” (103). He also compares aging to a flower such as when a flower begins it is so beautiful while when it dies it is ugly and withered.Wilde uses long and complex dialogues throughout the novel, the dialogue between Basil and Dorian in chapter 13 is complicated as it shows complex feelings between them,“You are the one man in the world who is entitled to know everything about me. You have had more to do with my life then you think” (108)

As part of the presentation we had to read a journal article relevant to the novel and discuss our opinions on it. We read Sheldon Liebmans article about character design in the Picture of Dorian Gray, he discussed how it is not Dorians fault that he followed King Henry’s influence so religiously. That he was too innocent to relize his mistake before it was too late. We disagreed with this as we thought Dorian had the chose not to murder Basil as Basil pleaded with him, but Dorian refused and murdered him.

Writing for the Web

We learned what is the most suitable way to write and design on online media sources.  As part of this module, we are designing a website, this will help us to choose the best way to distribute information on our website. Most people while they are browsing the web would scan through websites looking for relevant information rather than read long paragraphs or essays. Information on a website should be easy to understand, concise and straight to the point. Information should be accurate and also it should be easy to grasp, Shorter is better. The best way to do this is by if possible putting the information into lists such as bullet points. Graphs, pictures, and spreadsheets are also a very direct way to show information on your website.As it is short and gives the relevant information clearly rather than reading a paragraph of information. For some information where you have to use paragraphs, they should be concise with as little lines and make sure too spread them down the page, as it is easier to read.

Websites should be split into different sections which are easy to access, with relevant information in each section. The headings on the website should be direct, the headings should be using keywords.  Such as contact, media, news, homepage etc. The design of a website should be relevant to what the website is about. However, it shouldn’t be too over barring as it distracts the reader. The colors used on the website should contrast to one another and the words on the page should not get lost in the background because it clashes with the background color.Make sure to have relevant images the correspond to what your website is about. Such as if I am designing a website for a makeup brand I am not going to put images of cars thought out my website, as it is not relevant to my website.

All the information I have learned about web sitting is a very essential skill I need for my future employment as I would hope to work in writing for a media company in the future.


Cinema Paradiso

As part of my Film Studies module I have this year on a Wednesday evening for three hours, we watch the Italian critically acclaimed movie “Cinema Paradiso”, the movie was made in 1988 directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. Even though the film was in Italian which meant I understood the movie through subtitles, from the beginning of the film I was interested in how the story of the characters was going to pan out. “Cinema Paradiso” is a film that I would usually not sit down and watch however this film was so captivating which made it a brilliant film.

The film starts off in the present with the main character Salvatore where he gets a call from his mother to come home, he has not been home to Sicily in 30 years. The movie then quickly moves to the past when Salvatore was 6 and also, now known as ‘Toto’.  He was a little boy that was really interested in the local cinema “Cinema Paradiso” he spends all his free time here. There he meets Alfredo where first they dont have the best relationship it soon develops into a close bond, Alfredo turning into a father figure for young Toto. Alfredo teaches Toto how to operate the film projector and also teaches him the safety that comes with it. Later on in a seen Alfredo is projecting a movie on the side of a house where eventually the film projector catches on fire burning through the cinema, Toto runs in and saves, but unfortunately, Alfredo is left blind.

The film then progresses to when Toto is in high school, we see him working in the cinema it also shows Toto’s developing interest in girls. Alfredo and Toto are still very close, Toto is constantly asking Alfredo for advice. Toto also begins to get into filming, one day he captures a girl, Elena, Elena and Toto fall in love nut, unfortunately, Toto does not get the approval of Elena’s father. Elena leaves town and Toto joins the military, he writes to Elena but never gets a response.When he returns from military service, Alfredo convinces him to leave to pursue his dream, which he does. The film then moves again to present day when Salvatore is back for Alfredo’s funeral, here he comes to the understanding that he was right to leave as he would have achieved what he achieved otherwise.

During the next class, we watched the directors cut of the film, this added 20 more minutes to the film. This ending focused on Elena and Salvatore meeting again catching up on their lives and also why they never reunited in the past. It is revealed that Alfredo met Elena and told her to leave Salvatore alone. This ending of the film took away the meaningful ending of the first ending. As the second ending changed my opinion on Alfredo and also had no relevance to the end as Elena and Salvatore did not keep in contact again after reuniting.


Privacy is a major factor in media in this age of vast technology, breaching privacy breaks the morals of ethics. When technology is used in the wrong way unethical behavior can occur. The internet is one of the main reasons why privacy breaching is so common in today’s society.Such as invasions of privacy, theft, bullying and social inequality.  Privacy Breach is the loss of, unauthorized access to, or disclosure of, personal information. This happens when personal information is stolen or lost is shared with the public. This happens a lot with people in the media such as celebrities, politicians, social media figures and people in the public eye.  There are many reasons why people and companies having privacy is very important.Peoples’ Freedom of Expression is jeopardized when privacy is breached, this gives less ownership of their opinions and also destroys their ability to receive information through any media. What people keep private and what we share is what makes people interesting, it is one of the factors of a personality. When a person’s privacy is broken can change a person’s personality by making them less open and also making them feel portrayed.

Privacy is also extremely important to people as it is used to protect people when they are in competition.This is also very significant when it comes to politics.The someone knows about someone the more power they will have over them. Personal data is used to make very important decisions, this can be used in an attempt to gain control. Also gaining privacy is disrespectful towards the person’s information that was shared. This can also cause conflict when people have a desire for privacy.Reputations have to right to protected by privacy, privacy lets people be protected by misleading judgments. When someones privacy is breached it also breaks people’s trusts in relationships. An important reason why privacy is so important is that people do not want to explain or justify their actions when their privacy is exposed.

A piece of information is defined by its content and context. When private information is shared, they do not know what the future holds. Information in the wrong hands is a very dangerous situation. Privacy, in my opinion, is a basic human right no matter how advanced technology has got. It allows people to protect their assets and prevent over-sharing. It also lets a person maintain their dignity. Privacy is very important to the person who owns the information. It is also a value to society as it is a contribution to the type of society people want to be a part of.Privacy is a very important aspect of society.



The Heat of The Day

As part of the module Irish Literature between 1930-1990 that I am taking this semester, I studied Elizabeth Bowen’s novel The Heat of The Day. This novel was written in 1948, the novel was set in London in the early 1940’s during World War II. The novel revolves around the main character Stella Rodney, she is a middle-aged independent woman, living alone in  London during war-time. At the beginning of the novel, we get the impression that Stella is happy with the way her life is going. As the novel progresses we find she is unhappy with some of her life choices, such as her relationship with her son, Roderick Rodney.  Robert Kelway is another significant character in this novel, he is a past soldier who got injured during the battle of Dunkirk.

Throughout the whole course of the novel, Roberts real identity is always under investigation. He is also a lover of Stellas and influences a lot of Stella’s decisions in her life and is one of Stella’s main companions.Harrison is also a lover of Stella, he approaches Stella first asking questions about Robert this is Stella’s first incidence where she finds Robert mightn’t be the person he is portraying to be. As we read further into the novel we discover how similar Robert and Harrison are they are both attracted to Stella, both portraying characters they are not, they are both spies which makes them both untrustworthy people. Robert being a Nazi spy and Harrison being a counterspy for England.We both also don’t know where their proper home is.Louie is also a minor character in the novel, she serves the purpose of being another example of a woman during this time in London.

Her and Stella are very similar characters as they are both single, displaced women in London during this wartime. They both have interest in Harrison even though he has no interest in Louie but has interest in Stella. They are both mothers but also lie to their sons, Stella lies to Roderick about the real reason why the marriage between her and his father didn’t last, whereas Louie lies about the identity of her son’s father, they both make these decisions in a way to protect their sons. They also don’t want to have the role of a victimized woman this is another reason for their lies. The Heat of the Day ends with closure for some of the characters, Robert ends up killing himself by jumping off Stella’s building, Roderick decides not to find more information about his father, Stella and Harrison reunite but we are not given full details of what way their relationship stands now. Louie becomes pregnant and moves out of London in an effort to raise her son away from the madness of London.

Beast From The East

The first week of March in 2018 was rocked by the arrival of storm Emma, On Wednesday we got the news that the UL campus would be shut for Thursday and Friday over the extreme conditions of the weather. As more media outlets started to publish more stories about “The Beast from the East”, people started to panic about having supplies and news about “Bread gate” was now spreading throughout the country. As more weather reports began to spread around the country we got the news that the campus would be closing for the remainder of the week, which also resulted in rag week, ending early to the disappointment of many students.The main jobs of the Met Office are to decide what warning to issue to the parts of the country.This is to make sure the people of the country are safe and understand how serious the weather is and what ways to keep safe during the weather. From the news reports that had been coming from the media, I honestly feel as though some of the news reports were very extreme in ways where at one point the whole country was put in a red alert, yet some parts of the country weren’t as bad as others such as countries as Galway  and Wexford both getting the same warning, even though Wexford had  much more extreme snowfall and stronger winds.  However, as time went on we saw how serious the weather reports were, In Limerick by Thursday the temperature had decreased and snowfall had already begun, I left the campus Thursday morning to return home as I needed to assure that the roads were safe to travel. I work at the local supermarket at home, during the days of the storm the shop has never been busier then it was during the last few days.The beard and milk were all sold out by Friday, by Saturday customers were forming queues as bread and milk deliveries came in. I think part of Supermarkets being so busy was because of how the media hyped up how little beard and milk were in the country which made people throughout panic. After Storm Emma, it really reflected how Ireland performs during a crisis, which in my opinion I feel as though as a country we overreact in some cases, but mostly it is better to overreact in cases like this as it is better to be safe than sorry.